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Patient Success Stories

  • Martin Kriegner (CEO- Lafarge India Ltd. from Austria)

    I had my previous dental treatment in Europe. In an emergency case I consulted Dr.Prafull. The strengths of Dr.Prafull are: Modern equipment and techniques (even compared to Europe), reliable with dates, conservation approach (means he is trying to preserve as much as possible the existing dental structure). Since then he changed some of my old silver fillings against modern fillings to my satisfaction.

  • Mr. Seamus Toal (Deutsche Bank)
    Singapore and Germany

    Dr. Prafull and team have done a wonderful job for me. They always go the extra mile to fit me in when I am in India. Best wishes.

  • Ketan Devani (Businessman ,Tanzania-Africa)

    I am glad to have to come to Dr.Prafull Sabadra for my dental treatment. He has the finest facilities to take care of most of your dental problems. I was really impressed by the friendly approach of the doctor and his assistant. In my opinion they do one of the best crowns, dentures and the general aesthetics. The treatment I went through was so well planned that before i could realize it was over. He is real professional and creates homely atmosphere where i felt very comfortable during my whole treatment. In fact when I came I saw a doctor , but left a friend behind. Anybody looking for good dentist in India , I will recommend Dr.Prafull Sabadra.

  • Rashmi Gaskell
    Dubai, UAE

    Well what can I say, except you must look at the before and after pictures. It’s amazing. No problems or complications since I have done the work 2-3 years back. I can smile or laugh without feeling conscious and am definitely planning to get the lower teeth done. Thanks doctor.

  • Mr. Haresh Kapur- (Professor Emeritus, Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva Switzerland)

    The service I received in Dentistry was Excellent, I am completely Satisfied.

  • Ms. Ingrid Mirchandani
    Esperguerde, Denmark

    Thank you for a very pleasant treatment. It was a great experience to get treatment in such a modern and hygienic clinic in India. I will always come back here if I need some major dental care.

  • Mr. Lal Daryanani (Lamos Group of Companies)
    Hong Kong

    Not only a dentist but has become more of a friend for last 8-9 years, probably one of his first few patients. I wait for whatever dental problem till I get back to Mumbai to see my dentist & good friend, Dr. Prafull. Best Wishes.

  • Claude Burce
    New York, USA

    Dr. Sabadra went out of his way to provide a very quick and efficient job for a fraction of cost what I would have paid in USA. Thank you so much for all this.

  • Ms. Susan Baker , British National Revisiting us after a year.

    After Leaving Our Life working In Mumbai 9 Months Ago I Am Back Bringing Another of My Sons With Me For Some Major works Needed. Since Leaving Mumbai in Both UK &Turkey, so Many Friends, People Have Openly admired My Teeth After Doctors Good Works. .I Shall Return In Another l0 Months Time. Thank you Dr. Sabadra And Team. Matts Detailed Treatment Has Given Him The Colgate Smile of Confidence. After ll Years With A Damaged Front Teeth, Fantastic! A Holiday With A Difference Results Will Be With Him His Life Time

  • Mr. Matthew Bevis

    I can now smile with complete confidence thanks to Dr. Sabadra and his team. I came to India for dental treatment that I had been putting off as I couldn’t afford it in the UK. On the strong recommendation of my family (all of whom have been treated by Dr. Sabadra prior to me), I came to Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Centre in Mumbai, India. Dr. Sabadra has exceeded all expectations and completed rigorous work to an excellent standard. I cannot recommend Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Centre and services enough. Thank you so very much Doctor! All the very best.

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