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Patient Success Stories

  • Ms. Padma Kshirsagar

    Congratulation, Very professional, hygienic. Staff is so kind and good. I am happy of treatment. Thank you.

  • Ms. Preeti Bhasin

    Excellent service!! Dr. Sabadra & Staff excellent too! Thank you.

  • Mr. Abul Aziz Al Mustafa
    Saudi Arabia

    I came with my wife 2 times, in 2016 September for checking the teeth so we finish the Implant. This year 2017, we finished all the teeth with Bridgework, denture and implant. I thank Dr. Sabadra for his attention. I am also thankful to the Medical team for their interest and ethics. Thank you.

  • Ms. Meena Kaushik

    Dr. Sabadra is the finest Dentist I have had the good fortune to meet. Both as a Human Being and as a master of his Craft. He is a True Artist, Passionate, Perfectionist and deeply humare. For him teeth are like Price of art that must be protected well and show cased for their beauty. I have never seen a Dentist so well informed and so up to date on the science of Dentistry.

  • Ms. Afshan Abdul Razak,
    Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.

    Having just completed treatment to have several fillings replaced, I have nothing but admiration for all the staff and the skills of Dr. Sabadra. From the moment you enter until you leave, you are treated with care and respect. All through the treatment I was constantly asked if I was ok and given breaks if I needed them. I cannot recommend this dental practice enough. Truly brilliant! A big THANK YOU to all of you.

  • Mrs Somji,
    Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.

    I had come to Dr. Sabadra for my dental treatment in 2015 and have come back in 2016. Dr. Prafull and staff are all very warm and welcoming. His friendly nature and advanced treatment makes it all. From fillings to implants to crowns and root canals, all done in a weeks time. God bless your clinic, your staff and your family.

  • Mr. Hassan Al Hail,
    Doha, Qatar

    Thanks to Dr. Sabadra for all the things he did for me and my wife. We liked his hospitality and his proficiency. He’s a true professional with hi end technology. His clinic is very clean and hygienic too.

  • Mr. Sanjay Tiwari

    Dr. Sabadra offers a personable approach and thorough care. The entire family is well taken care of at the clinic. We have no hesitation in recommending thee clinic to others.

  • Mr. Sumeet Narang

    Excellent - upto date with latest technological trends - strong domain knowledge - great post treatment service- highly recommend

  • Mrs. Maria Koenig,

    Thank You so much Dr. Sabadra for your excellent treatments for over 10 years!

  • Ms. Nerys Kerr,

    A very swift and painless treatment. Dr. Sabadra is a perfectionist. If only I lived here or nearer, I would come here for all my dental treatment. Thank You!

  • Mr. Kaynaan Shums

    Congratulations on completing 20 years in the service & dental hygiene. It is your exemplary skill, and your commitment to invest it on a continuous basis, that sets you and your clinic apart. In financial Jargon we called it continuous compounding. Keep it up and make everyone proud to smile!.

  • Mr. Marin Hristov

    I came here because my mum felt pain. She is ok now and I am here back for plag cleaning. Everything is perfect, very professional and very clean. Thank you.

  • Ms. Lisa Hoffman

    Everything was fine. I just came for Bleaching. The staff was so lovely and helpful. I hope I can come back. I definetly recommended this clinic. Very high quality standard.

  • Mr. Adil Zainulbhai

    Outstanding. Neat and clean office and excellent care. As good as the best worldwide.

  • Mr. Francois Chusctrac

    Very good, very professional and carefully Good explanations about the problem, about what he is doing and about the results Nice results It is a good thing to get the pictures by e-mail

  • Mr. A. P. Raman

    Amaz and an excellent human being.I have been taking Dr,s advice and treatment for the last 20 years. God bles

  • Mr. R. R. Shastri

    Very satisfying. This was my third or fourth visit and I found it to be very useful. Dr. Sabadra has a very good hand. He is very pleasant, courteous and caring. His counseling is very persuasive and appealing. The staff are also courteous and helpful. Overall a good experience visiting Dr. Sabadra's Clinic. Best wishes for a prospering practice Dr. Sabadra.

  • Ms. Catherine Cross

    All the work done on my teeth has been expertly done with no pain or problems. I am extremely pleased with work done so far and look forward to completing the Invisalign program. I would sincerely recommend Dr Sabadra. He has taken time always to explain procedures fully. The practice is state of the art and very friendly.

  • Mr. Madhusudhan Vora

    I am totally satisfied with Dr. Sabadra’s expertise in dental surgery. He has developed the highest professional skill. I wish him all the best for his future.

  • Sucheta Shahani.

    Its my good fortune that I came to Dr. Prafull Sabadra for a consultation. Having been to several dentists, Dr. Sabadra was the first to solve all my dental problems. I trust him whole-heartedly and recommend that all those who consult him should trust and go with whatever treatment he suggests. Yes, he’s open to questions- Please do have the dialogue with him! And the clinic is a delightful experience too!

  • Dr. Prabuddha Ganguli

    My experience with Dr. Sabadra started off at least a decade and a half ago . He has been fantastic and I had never had to look for another dentist since I met him. His hands are soft and caring. I wish him all the best.

  • Ms. Tina Jain

    Dear Dr. Sabadra, I am very impressed by the services given here. Since I was very nervous before undergoing my dental treatment but Dr. Sabadra and his team made sure that everything went right. I have already recommended to my family and friends about my satisfactory experience here.
    Thank you Dr. Sabadra for coming to my rescue as always.

  • Dr. Sunaina Bhasin

    Dear Dr. Sabadra, thank you so much for always being there, your clinic name Advanced Dentistry Centre says it all. Your Gadgets and methods are really advanced and it is a pleasure being here and getting treated. Wish you all the best for your future and God bless!

  • Manisha Kapoor

    Dr. sabadra works with the highest skill and dentistry of a through professional. Recommend him without hesitation for not only his standard of work but also his advanced dentistry set-up.

  • Ms. Dettha Pieters
    The Netherlands

    Dr. Sabadra is the best dentist. I have ever met! I am very impressed and happy with the professionalism and knowledge of Dr. Sabadra. Thank you very much!

  • Ms. Sajida Somzi
    Tanzania (Dar-Es-Salam)

    I had come for treatment in 2015 and now came back in 2016. Dr. Prafull & Staff all very warm in welcoming, patients. His friendly nature and very advanced treatment makes it all. From fillings to root canals and crowns to Implant all done in a week’s time. God bless your clinic your staffs and your family.

  • Mr. Abdulrasul(Shul) Khalfan
    Tanzania (Dar-Es-Salam)

    There is a Blessing of God in your hands, hence your work is always a source of great satisfaction and pleasure! Keep it up! Thanks, Shul Khalfan.

  • Mr. Marten Pieters
    Managing Director & C.E.O of Vodafone India Limited. Netherlands.

    Great care being taking by Dr. Sabadra! Gentle hands, firm opinions about what needs to be done based on the most scientific approach! Thanks !

  • Mr. Daniel Juzan

    I’m very satisfied with the quality, doctor’s sensitivity and professionalism.In October 2015 coming back to make the rest.Thank you, All !!

  • Ms. Christine Blackburn.
    Los Angeles, CA Writer.

    I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Sabadra and his Staff. They were professional , courteous, and my smile is back to perfect! Plus I did not have an appointment but he took me immediate anyway!! Honestly they dentist office was better than own dentist in LA – Highly recommend!! Namaste!

  • Ms. Nilofar Neemuchwala

    I had a great experience here. A professional experience even before I stepped in. The doctors are sensitive to your time & personal needs. Very accommodating. Would recommend them to friend back in US. Who relate their nightmarish dental experiences.

  • A.K. Khalfan,Chairman of Central Health Board, The Federation of KSI Jamaats of Africa, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

    Excellent set-up ith very pleasant atmosphere and efficient system of appointment. Very much impressed with the professional service being offered by Dr. Prafull Sabadra and his team of doctors and staff.

  • Ramesh Devu

    Thank you for saving my teeth in which I lost hope. Also, thank you for saving me thousands of dollars. Good luck.

  • Ms. Sally Anne Bennett

    Fantastic result. I am absolute delighted and aligned. The teams were so approachable. Put me at my ease immediately. I have highly recommended the clinic to friends and colleagues.

  • Jill Thorpe

    Firstly thank you Dr. Sabadra " you are a perfectionist but yet manage to achieve " Natural Perfection" in other words my teeth are just perfect but still look natural, which is very important to me. Thanking you always.

  • Mary Cox
    Martha's Wineyard, USA

    Thank Doc, Great Job! You will be highly recommended to all in need of Fabulous dental work.

  • Ms. Catherine Pinard

    Nice doctor and nice clinic. I was surprised and impressed by the technology. Thank you to Dr. Sabadra and team.

  • Leri Allain

    Dr. Sabadra is really excellent and nice, I recommend him highly.Dr. Sabadra is truly a fine professional.

  • Ms. Maryssa Defreville
    French National

    Among my pleasant memories of India, Dr. Sabadra!

  • Armelle Gatineau

    Extraordinary care after several small language problems. Excellent Memories of a super team.

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