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Imaging & Diagnosis

You can only treat what you can diagnose And what you diagnose depends not just on you but……

Kodac 8000 digital panoramic Xray Unit
  • Delivers highest quality images in seconds with minimal radiation exposure
  • One machine for panoramic, segmented panoramic, TMJ and sinus images
  • Laser beam guided positioning to minimize errors
  • Digital images can be taken "in house" which means more convenience and flexibility for patients without the need for transporting or storing X-ray films
  • Digital images are stored on the computer under the patient's profile and can easily be accessed & shared with patients
  • Digital images can be magnified up to 300 X to reveal cavities and other abnormalities in their earliest stages
  • Open design allows for more patient comfort as images are being taken
  • Allows for immediate and accurate patient diagnosis resulting in "on-the-spot" solutions
  • Excellent patient education tool
Digital Intra Oral Xray Units

Digital Intraoral Xray units in all three operatories from

  • CSN Technologies
  • Satellac
  • Heliodent by Siemens

Digital Intra Oral Xray units from Heliodent Siemens, CSN Technologies & Satelec Acteon group

Progeny & CYGNUS Ray Digital X-ray processing System (USA)
  • Digital image display with minimal radiation exposure
  • Eliminates waiting time between diagnosis and treatment and reduces treatment time
Intra Oral Camera
  • Claris from Sota imaging USA
  • Sopro fron Satelec france
  • After completion of treatment; instant before after comparison of pictures, to give patient complete sense of satisfaction regarding thoroughness & quality of treatment
Claris Intra Oral Camera: i4D
  • The award winning Claris i4D Intraoral Camera is the highest quality intraoral camera in the dental market.
  • Designed and manufactured by SOTA Imaging,
  • Claris i4D boasts a
    • unique high end lens,
    • hand control focus, and
    • compatibility with almost all dental imaging softwares.
Claris Intra Oral Camera: i310D
  • Allows patients to see what the dentist sees
  • Enhanced visual communication helps patients thoroughly understand treatment options & outcome
  • Excellent Patient communication tool
  • Helps to store records in digital format
KAVO Diagnodent Unit (Germany)
  • Specialized laser detection of 90% of cavities at their earliest stages
  • Minimizes future need for more invasive treatments
  • Safer alternative to radiographs
  • Early detection of caries & demineralised lesions

Technological advances could allow us to see more clearly into our own lives.~ Kevin Kelly