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Happy Patients

  • Mr. Abul Aziz Al Mustafa
    Saudi Arabia

    I came with my wife 2 times, in 2016 September for checking the teeth so we finish the Implant. This year 2017, we finished all the teeth with Bridgework, denture and implant. I thank Dr. Sabadra for his attention. I am also thankful to the Medical team for their interest and ethics. Thank you.

  • Mr. Vikram Kaushik
    Advanced Leadership Fellow Harvard University (2016)

    I have known Dr. Sabadra since my time as a Director of Colgate Pamolive. He is an outstanding professional. He has kept a breast with the latest advances in Dentistry and run a very professional and modern clinic.

  • Ms. Meena Kaushik

    Dr. Sabadra is the finest Dentist I have had the good fortune to meet. Both as a Human Being and as a master of his Craft. He is a True Artist, Passionate, Perfectionist and deeply humare. For him teeth are like Price of art that must be protected well and show cased for their beauty. I have never seen a Dentist so well informed and so up to date on the science of Dentistry.

  • Mr. Peter Forby
    Former Regional Director of Trade and Investment Office.

    I would fly heart way around the world to Visit the Dentist. Thanks Dr. Sabadra.

  • Koushik Chatterjee
    Group Executive Director (Finance And Corporate), Tata Steel.

    Dr. Sabadra’s approach was wonderful, friendly and professionally very high. It was a delight to be treated by him. All the very best to him and his wonderful support staff.

  • Ms. Afshan Abdul Razak,
    Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.

    Having just completed treatment to have several fillings replaced, I have nothing but admiration for all the staff and the skills of Dr. Sabadra. From the moment you enter until you leave, you are treated with care and respect. All through the treatment I was constantly asked if I was ok and given breaks if I needed them. I cannot recommend this dental practice enough. Truly brilliant! A big THANK YOU to all of you.

  • Mrs Somji,
    Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.

    I had come to Dr. Sabadra for my dental treatment in 2015 and have come back in 2016. Dr. Prafull and staff are all very warm and welcoming. His friendly nature and advanced treatment makes it all. From fillings to implants to crowns and root canals, all done in a weeks time. God bless your clinic, your staff and your family.

  • Mr. Hassan Al Hail,
    Doha, Qatar

    Thanks to Dr. Sabadra for all the things he did for me and my wife. We liked his hospitality and his proficiency. He’s a true professional with hi end technology. His clinic is very clean and hygienic too.

  • Mrs. Maria Koenig,

    Thank You so much Dr. Sabadra for your excellent treatments for over 10 years!

  • Ms. Nerys Kerr,

    A very swift and painless treatment. Dr. Sabadra is a perfectionist. If only I lived here or nearer, I would come here for all my dental treatment. Thank You!

  • Mr. Klaus Bormann
    Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany

    Dr. Sabadra has done an excellent job with my new implants. He and his entire team are very professional and dedicated to their work. Big recomendation from my side. !

  • Dr. Raghuram Rajan
    Governor of RBI

    Very cool office, Great Information about Great Treatment and Great Dentistry. Thanks !

  • Mr. Jan F. Van Vriesland
    Consulate General Of Netherlands, Mumbai.

    On recommendation of Dr. Sabadra,I had orthodontic work done on my lower teeth. The outcome was worthwhile, even though I was about 35 yrs late. Thanks to both Dr. Sabadra en Dr. Nikhilesh for a professional job done. Next time the Queen visitsI can actually smile at her. Also thanks to the even friendly members of Dr. Sabadra’s staff and team sincerely reminding so I would not be late for my appointments. I can highly recommend this best Dentists office in town.

  • Mr. Ahmed Al Mohamadi
    (Consul General of Yemen, Mumbai) Mumbai, India

    I, the Consul General of the Republic of Yemen in Mumbai, India hereby state that my surgery of implantation of four tooth and installation of lower jaw kit has been completed at Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Centre, 87-88 Lady Ratan Tata Medical Center, Cooperage, Mumbai, India-21. I am now able to eat normally since he has given me back my smile. The credit goes to perfection, expertness and aspiration of Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Center. I have advised all of my family members who are facing dental problems to go to this clinic. Presenting to him appreciation, thanks and wishing all the best in his future.

  • Sigrid Owen
    U.S. Consulate

    Dr. Sabadra has been treating me for over a year. He is always very professional, friendly and extremely clear in presenting and explaining what needs to be done. He is certainly the best dentist I’ve had. Thank you! Thank you so much for your work. A lot of density was needed in such a short time. Despite this you rose to the challenge whilst keeping to your professionalism all the time. How can you improve? Carry on in the same way! It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to return next year from the UK.

  • Mr.Talal F Al – Dalk
    Consulate General For the State Of Kuwait - Mumbai

    Shame it was not like that over all the years.Excellent work and many thanks.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter
    (German Consulate, Mumbai, India)Mumbai, India

    For the five years you have looked after our teeth, we have always been impressed. Thanks.

  • Mr. Walter Stechel
    Consul General of Germany, Mumbai.

    Going to the dentist will never be fun, but I felt securein careful, professional hands. I’m happy with the results & will recommend Dr. Sabadra.

  • Mr. Paulo Pinto
    (Consulate General of Brazil)Mumbai, India

    I am very happy to have found a competent and dedicated dentist in Mumbai, India. Thank you for your help.

  • Mr. Joseph w. Eisele
    Consul General of Switzerland, Swiss Consulate , Mumbai.

    I highly valued the very professional dental care rendered by Dr. Prafull Sabadra. Going to the dental office of Dr. Sabadra was even more comforting experience. Thank you very much for the very good Care.

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