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Dental Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

At Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Centre,

  • We utilize cutting edge technology with an emphasis on minimally invasive and painless dentistry which preserves your teeth and maximizes your comfort.

    1. Digital X-rays for instant confirmation and accurate diagnoses

    2. Apex locators for accurate length measurements Advanced E and Q Master Cordless Gutta Purcha Obturator for homogenous 3D packing resulting in improved and long-lasting sealing of the canal

    3. Rotary endodontic technologies that allow for a SINGLE SITTING Endodontic (root canal) treatment for MULTIPLE (decayed or fractured) teeth

  • We know that advanced technology minimizes complications and therefore the need for repeat dental root canal treatment.
  • We offer Revision Endodontics (re-treatment where necessary) with a very high success rate for patients who have been treated elsewhere.
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