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Sterilization Equipment

At Dr. Sabadra's Advanced Dentistry Centre, disposable products are utilized where possible, instruments packed in vacuum-sealed pouches are sterilized in the most advanced autoclaves available anywhere in the world and even the air in the treatment room is sterilized prior to surgery.

Tuttaneur Elara Class B autoclave
  • World's most reliable & robust class B table top autoclave
  • Powerful vaccum pump which removes all air and seals instruments post sterilization
  • Inbuilt printer to give you complete detailed receipt at the end of each autoclave cycle
  • High precision monitoring and control ensure reliable, consistent and complete sterilization
  • Autoclaves are designed to meet sophisticated international standards
  • Self-locking door with double safety locking mechanism
  • 31 Litre chamber volume
Samde Day Dentistry in India
Biosonic Ultrasonic cleansing Unit by Coltene Whaledent
  • The time of the cleaning cycle can be selected individually.
  • Countdown timer is available to inform the user of the amount of cleaning time remaining, and indicate exactly when the instruments will be ready for sterilization.
  • Equipped with a solution tracking function to inform the user how long the solution has been in use, so that mandatory changing of the cleaning solution will not be forgotten.
  • With a simple touch of a button, degassing of the solution, i.e. air entrapments which hinder the cleaning process, will disappear.
  • A comprehensive range of accessories provide the user with flexibility to efficiently clean and disinfect instruments, prostheses, and other items throughout the dental practice.
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Airel Nacospray Air Fumigator, France

  • Biodegradable up to 99.9%
  • Non toxic, non allergen
  • Non corrosive (dry fog)
  • No danger, Leaves no residue
  • No germ resistance generated
  • Fumigates the air in the operatories and the office creating a sterile environment
  • Each cm² is treated
  • Actions against bacteria, virus, fungi
  • 3 minutes treatment for a 50m³ volume area
  • Reused ONLY 30 minutes later

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