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Dental Chairs

At Dr. Sabadra's Advanced Dentistry Centre, treatments begin in luxurious & modern dental units with ergonomically designed contoured lumbar support for maximum comfort. Chairs are equipped with inbuilt facilities

Stern Weber S 250
  • State-of-the-art Italian dental chair with sleek design
  • Backrest that cradles and contoursto provide optimal cushioning and back support
  • Adjustable, extendable headrest
  • Attached advanced hygiene system
  • Attached automatic disinfection device
  • Most advanced inbuilt digital technology and multimedia applications
  • Inbuilt FO Brushless Bien Air Micromotor with digital RPM display
  • Two FO Air terminals
  • FO EMS Scaler
  • Inbuilt Multimedia Screen
Anthos A6 Dental Unit ( Italy)
Dental Implant Clinic in Mumbai
  • Two FO Air terminals
  • One FO Bien Air brushless micromotor
  • Inbuilt EMS scaler
  • Inbuilt Faro Light coring unit
  • 6 way syringe
  • Advanced hygiene systems
  • Most advanced inbuilt digital technology & multimedia applications
  • Automatic diinfection system
Cefla Victor 200 Dental Unit ( Italy)
Cosmetic Dental Clinic in Mumbai
Durr Dental Comressor
  • One single head ( 1 HP) Tornado durr dental comressor
  • One 2 HP Durr dental compressor
  • Medical grade air
  • Oil & Moisture free air delivery
  • One of the quitest of its kind
  • Hygienic, taste and odourless compressed air

It is impossible to overdo luxury ~ French Proverb