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Endorsements & Recognition

Outstanding Dentist of The Year

We are excited to share with you that in the recently concluded Inaugural National Famdent'Excellence in Dentistry Awards', Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Centre was nominated for five Awards including:

* Best Clinic

* Outstanding Dentist

* Best clinical Team

We are delighted to inform you that we won the most coveted ‘Outstanding Dentist of the year' award. This award would not have been possible without you, our clients. We would like to thank each one of you for your love, faith and confidence in our knowledge and expertise. Your belief in our capabilities has always encouraged us to excel. This has been a wonderful journey spanning 16 years. The hands that you held to provide support and guidance at the start of our quest for excellence have today been judged the best in the country.

We hope we can count on your support and encouragement to help us strive in serving you better. Looking forward to taking care of your smiles for many years to come. This award is dedicated to you all!

The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation is very proud to offer its strong support and endorsement to Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Centre.

Dr. Sabadra’s interdisciplinary clinic, equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology from all over the world, houses leading dental experts offering a complete range of dental services under one roof. In Mumbai, established Corporate Houses and MNC's, various Consulate Generals as well as their staff, eminent business people and media personalities prefer visiting this centre over any other. Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Centre has been officially appointed by the British Deputy High Commission as a preferred Dental Partner for the British Consulate Staff and British Nationals residing in Mumbai. The Central Health Board of Africa has appointed him as an official panel dentist. Thus, Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Centre has impressive international reach and recognition.

Dr. Sabadra is not only a leader, but a pioneer in Dental Tourism in Mumbai. For the last ten to fifteen years, hundreds of Dr. Sabadra’s patients have flown in from every corner of the world for all aspects of their dental care. Whether international patients arrive for crowns, implants, full mouth restorations or cosmetic dentistry procedures, their experience at this centre is joyous, positive and life-changing. This is especially true of patients who were previously terrified of dentists. Even after enjoying relaxing five-star vacations all over India following their top-of-the-line dental treatment, Dr. Sabadra's patients save plenty of money as compared to what they would have paid for merely average care in their home countries. Not surprisingly, over the years, he has garnered many fans and friends from every corner of the world, evidenced by the plethora of praise he has received internationally through testimonials and recommendations.

The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation is proud to confidently offer an unqualified, outstanding recommendation to Dr. Sabadra's Advanced Dentistry Centre as the preferred destination for Dental Tourism in Mumbai. The clinic, with its luxuriously appointed interiors, advanced technology and interdisciplinary team of experts, remains a class apart from the rest and has set a new benchmark for others to follow. We offer our warm congratulations to Dr. Sabadra's Advanced Dentistry Centre for putting Mumbai on the world map as an ideal destination for Dental Tourism.