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Patient Success Stories

  • Ms. Heike Cockill

    I’ve had major treatment done here and am more than happy with the result. The outcome really exceeded my expectations. Everything was done very thorough and professionally. Thanks a lot.

  • Ms. Heidi Muffler

    I’m very happy with the result of my treatment. I will come again one day1 I will recommend the praxis of Dr. Prafull Sabadra to everyone I know !

    Thank you

  • Mr. Murry Claire

    Very happy with the result, not only was the dentistry excellent but also the artistry

  • Dr. Barbara Barnouin

    I’m very happy with the result of my treatment. I will come again one day and I will recommend the practice of Dr. Prafull Sabadra to everyone I know! Thank you so much.

  • Mr. Jaffer Nathoo
    Dar-Es-salaam, Tanzania, Africa

    It was very pleasant to be treated by Dr. Prafull at his well-equipped dental clinic. I feel very lucky to have been referred to him. My family and I have come all the way from Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, in Africa to be treated by Dr. Sabadra. Surely the wonderful treatment and kindness given by him to our whole family was very impressive and worth the long trip. We shall carry pleasant memories on our return to Tanzania. Thank you to Dr. Prafull and his entire staff.

  • Mr. Christopher Moore (HSBC)

    Dr. Prafull’s treatment was absolutely astounding. I have gone from a mouth of metal and cavities to set of pearly whites, and you couldn’t possibly tell they are not completely natural. I shall be bringing along my family and friends- particularly as, in comparison to the UK, it is so inexpensive. You can’t lose.

  • Mr. Alfred Schmidt (Managing Director, Helm India)
    Mumbai, India

    Being terrified of dentists all my life, I have finally found one whom I completely trust and who took care of me in an excellent manner. No pain at all and yet we had to do a lot of work, including root canals and surgeries. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone who is afraid of dentists.

  • Jochen Meister

    Initially I was a bit skeptical weather I should go to a dentist in India. But now I’m absolutely convinced that Dr. Sabadra offers world class standards. I also like friendliness and flexibility, something which you hardly find at dentist in Europe. Many thanks to Dr. Sabadra and his team.

  • Dr L.D. Shah (Medical Practitioner)
    Mombasa, Kenya

    I underwent treatment for a broken bridge and a root canal. You cannot get a better value for money treatment. He is one of the best.

  • Ms. Clare Holton
    Brighton, UK

    I had always wanted to have my I teeth corrected as I had always been very conscious of them, but could never afford dental treatment in the U.K. In fact, because of the cost I have been avoiding dentists for many years! I had already planned to travel to India for the holidays, and decided to look on the internet to see if dental surgery in India would be possible. After finding Dr. Sabadra’s website, I emailed him. He was so helpful and accommodating. He managed to make time for me even though I had a lot of work to be done and very limited time to do it. He has gone out of his way to make time for me and give me the best attention possible. Before traveling to India, I was obviously a little anxious about receiving treatment here, but once I met Dr. Sabadra and saw his surgery (i.e. Clinic or Centre), I was completely reassured. The standard of treatment he has given has been excellent. I couldn’t be happier with my smile, the best Christmas present ever!  I would definitely encourage anyone who cannot afford cosmetic dentistry in England to consider Dr. Sabadra. He has been fantastic.

  • Mrs. Prabhavati J. Patel

    I met an English lady in a bank who recommended Dr. Prafull Sabadra. I never imagined that Dr. Sabadra would provide such wonderful and caring treatment which I never had back home. The ethic of Dr. Sabadra is recommendable and commendable. My dream has come true from impossible to possible.

  • Mr. Steve and Ms. Anastasia Taylor

    Having come to work in India, Dr. Sabadra was able to perform work on my wife to complete her smile that UK dentist were unwilling to undertake. Her success plus pleasure with the outcome persuaded me to visit & have work done after an embarrassing period of a time away from a dentist. Both very happy.

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