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What is Same Day Dentistry?

Same Day Dentistry refers to an innovative new brand of treatment that condenses some traditional procedures into a single office visit. Thanks to in-office dental CAD/CAM technology, patients can receive milled metal-free crowns, veneers, onlays and inlays in one office visit.

How Long Does it Take?

Same Day Dentistry is right for you, patients can be in and out of the dental office with their permanent, natural-looking and metal-free restorations in a single visit.

Why Should You Choose Same Day Dentistry?
  • Are you mesmerised by someone's smile and want that similar attractive Hollywood/ Bollywood smile;

    Just catch a overnight flight to Mumbai, Give us 2 days and we will help you keep that smile on your face forever

  • Are you tired of making the umpteen visits to your dentist?

    Just catch a overnight flight to Mumbai, we will fix your problem and we will help you fly back to your home country same night

  • Are you frustrated with your temporary crown coming out repeatatively

  • Is Dentistry too expensive in your home country?

    Just catch a overnight flight to Mumbai, and we will deliver a much better quality treatment than your home country at 1/4th price

  • Is Dentistry not so competent and efficient in your home country?

    Just catch a overnight flight to Mumbai, Give us 2 days and we will deliver the best possible dental treatment you will ever receive in your life.

  • Is there too much of waiting to get dentist's appointment in your home country Just catch a overnight flight to Mumbai, Give us one day and our Express services will help you fly back same night

Benefits of Same Day Dentistry

Remarkable Patient Experience
  • No traditional impressions or powders mean a more comfortable visit.

  • Patients don't need to suffer through traditional impressions there is no need for a patient to hold unpleasant, possibly distasteful material in uncomfortable & bulky trays.

  • No possibility of gagging triggered by impression materials and trays

Streamlined Process

Crown and Bridge are key components of dental restorative treatment. Streamlining and digitalising whole process reduces treatment time from matter of weeks to a matter of hours.

  • Intraoral Laser Scanning: 5 min using Planmeca Plan Scan: Ultra fast intra-oral scanner provides precise digital impression. ( 5 Min)

  • Computer aided restoration design: 10 Min Planmeca PlanCAD: Includes scanning software, design software and is a perfect tool for 3D designing and planning of restoration

  • 5 axis milling of restoration: 1 hr using Planmeca PlanMill 50

  • Finishing & glazing of restoration: 15 Min using Ivoclar furnace

Exceptional Restoration Quality

The PlanScan System puts you in complete control of your designs and leaves nothing to chance. The Planmeca PlanMill 50 allows you to create precisely what you design – every time. And with advanced materials such as IPS e.max™, Lava™ Ultimate, Telio™ CAD, and Zirlux™ FC Zirconia, you can have confidence in the fit, durability and aesthetics of your restorations.

How Does This Work ?

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