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Happy Patients

  • Ms. Susan Baker
    Mumbai, India

    On top of everything already said- A dentist who can cure a patient who has spent a life in fear of a dentist – is a dentist in a million. I now willingly come back for the treatment.(9 months later….) After leaving Mumbai, India nine months ago, I have returned, and have brought my son with me who needs major dental work. Since leaving Mumbai, India, I’ve been to both the UK and Turkey. In both places, so many friends and people have openly admired my teeth, all thanks to Dr. Sabadra and his excellent work. I’ll return again after ten months.

    Thank you to Dr. Sabadra and his team. Matt’s detailed treatment has given him The Colgate Smile of Confidence. After all these years with damaged front teeth, this is fantastic! Truly, this has been a holiday with a difference – the results will be with him for his lifetime.

  • Mr.N. Balasubramaniam (Chairman and Managing Director of SIDBI - Small Industries Development Bank of India)

    Great experience and good treatment, with minimal pain. A perfect job done Excellent work.

  • Ms. Natasha Oberoi, Model & aspiring Film Actress.

    Just a little change can make a world of a difference. Today is my birthday, so I have got my best birthday present so far. I’m very happy with my teeth. I love it. There will definitely be much more smiling. Thank you for Colgate teeth.

  • Mr. Y.S.P. Thorat, Deputy Governor Reserve Bank of India & Managing Director, NABARD

    Fantastic Doctor- professional , ethical & a great genteman.

  • Mr. Ashok Sinha (Chief Managing Director , Bharat Petroleum )
    Mumbai, India

    I have been coming over the years to Dr. Sabadra and have received excellent treatment. Though it is not always easy, he takes all the pains to ensure the treatment goes smoothly. I wish him the very best.

  • Mr. C. Y. Hwang (General Manager, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. LTD.)
    South Korea

    Thank you for your kind and professional services in dental treatment. I was extremely happy with your kindness and gentle attitude. I sincerely hope these services will be extended to all the patients visiting this clinic so that they may feel full satisfaction in them too. I believe this dental clinic will be prosperous with patients looking for good services.

  • Ms. Selma Kriegner (Expat from Austria)
    Mumbai, India

    He is my dentist since we arrived 3 years back, I’ve done all fillings, whitening, veneers. He is very good, I highly recommend him.

  • Ms. Selma Kriegner (Expat from Austria)
    Mumbai, India

    Dr. Sabadra has been my dentist since we arrived in Mumbai, India three years ago. I’ve done all fillings, whitening, veneers. He is very good, I highly recommend him.

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